Meet Phil & Angie


Phil and Angie are a husband and wife couple who are committed to strengthening education services. 

Phil began his work in education at MIT where he was one of three students in chemistry chosen to be a teaching assistant. From there, he continued his study at the University of Illinois, where he pioneered the first fully online organic chemistry course, which culminated in his PhD in Chemistry. From 2010 to 2016, Phil was a chemistry professor at Cal State Fullerton, where he founded the department's Supplemental Instruction (SI) program and earned tenure. Eager to do more to benefit the students' quality of education, Phil shifted his focus to working with McGraw-Hill Education's chemistry team and helping them to develop online chemistry materials for students. 

Angie began her work in education working with ESL students at Kaplan International for four years, where she taught English to students from diverse cultural backgrounds and varying levels of language proficiency. She got an opportunity to teach a section of Freshman Composition at Santa Ana College in 2014, and has been teaching English in the community college circuit ever since. She has participated in the SI program for English at Fullerton College where she also helped to train Writing Center tutors.

Phil and Angie complement each other in their specialties, with one providing STEM expertise and the other language expertise. Both bring passion and enthusiasm to every project they work on, and their mutual goal is to provide quality education consulting services to benefit as many students as possible.